A study by Professor Toshiharu Matsumoto of the Faculty of Education, Hirosaki University found that people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) tend not to speak dialects.Social studies of this language investigated the use of dialects in ASD from this perspective.

 Behind the research is the social function theory of language by Professor Kazuyuki Sato of Doshisha University.Professor Sato et al. Classified the 14 regions from Sapporo to Okinawa as to whether they are dialect mainstream cultures or common language-centered societies.The result was that most areas are dialect mainstream societies, and although the standard language is understood, using dialects leads to a smoother social life.From these things, I also found that the ratio of dialects used in the other party and the scene was changed like a gradation.This is an expression technique as advanced as honorifics that adjust psychological distance with words.The social function theory was born from these aspects of the dialect.

This led me to think that not speaking a dialect might be related to ASD.Professor Matsumoto's survey first conducted a survey of children, people with intellectual disabilities, and ASD dialect use in two regions in the Tohoku region, and six additional special needs education teachers, mainly in western Japan.The result was that ASD dialect use was lower in all regions than in other cases.For example, at special needs schools in Kochi City, 2 out of 6 students were considered to speak Tosa dialect even one word, and 26 in non-AS, regarding the degree of use of Tosa dialect vocabulary and the corresponding common language vocabulary. There were 12 of them.It has been found that such a tendency is widespread in areas where dialects are used to some extent, regardless of east or west.

 In this research, I dared to investigate ASD based on the dualism of non-ASD, but in reality, the two are not clearly separated, and many have habitual shades.Therefore, it is expected that further promotion of such research will lead to a better understanding of ASD, which still has many unclear points.

Source:[Researchmap] Regarding the non-use of dialects in the autism spectrum-Interpretation of dialects based on the social function theory- (PDF)
Interpretation of dialect non-use of autism spectrum disorder From one language acquisition to proper use of dialect and common language-(PDF)

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