A research team consisting of multiple research institutes in Japan and South Korea, including the National Institute of Radiological Sciences and the University of Tsukuba, has succeeded in producing monkeys with the symptoms of Tourette's disorder.No cure for Tourette's disorder has been established, and there is an urgent need to develop model animals for research.

 Tourette's disorder is a neurosis in which muscles move unintentionally and suddenly.Symptoms include limited movements such as blinking and frowning, whole-body movements such as jumping and stepping, and voices such as screaming and repeating words.In particular, the symptom of making a voice is called a voice tic, and incomprehension may cause great inconvenience to social life. It is said that it develops at a rate of 18 to 0.1% under the age of 1, and existing treatments are not effective for all patients.The development of model animals with symptoms was required in order to elucidate the onset mechanism and advance research on new treatment methods.

 The research team attempted to reproduce the symptoms of voice tics using monkeys.When I focused on the part of the brain that is involved in muscle movement, especially the part that is involved in vocalization, and made it excited with drugs, periodic vocalization began to be seen.Furthermore, when the brain activity of this monkey was measured, it was found that the three parts were linked.This is not observed in normal monkeys.We also found that the activity of these parts coincided with the timing of occurrence.

 In this way, we succeeded in creating a model animal for voice tics.As a mechanism for further symptoms, we were able to find out that three parts of the brain show abnormal interlocking.The elucidation of the onset mechanism in monkeys, which resembles the human brain, is expected to lead to the development of therapeutic methods.

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