On February 2016, 2, "Workshop on Marine Tourism 2-Challenge to Marine Tourism by the Next Generation of Young People-" was held at Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. About 2016 people from the tourism industry participated.This workshop is held to deepen discussions on the future of marine tourism from various perspectives.

The ministry considers marine tourism to be an important initiative not only for promoting a tourism-oriented country, but also for revitalizing the local economy and managing the ocean. It is necessary to develop and secure human resources who can coordinate marine tourism and disseminate information.

 At the workshop, 56 seminar students of Associate Professor Noriko Yagasaki and Associate Professor Ayako Fujisho of the Faculty of Regional Sciences (Department of International Tourism) of the same university participated in the "Student Policy Proposal Project for Marine Tourism".In preparation for the presentation at the workshop, we received a lecture on the ocean from the person in charge of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and through group discussions and interviews with related parties, we trained experts in remote island tourism and marine tourism, and for young people who utilized tourism. Research on the transmission of the charm of the sea.Three teams selected from the preliminary presentations (9 teams in total) made presentations at the workshop on this day.

 As a result of the announcement, the team that announced "Experiential learning of the sea through voyages on Minamitorishima and local experiences" was selected as the highest award based on the evaluation that emphasized presentation ability.The team responded to the theme of "What is an attractive tour plan for sightseeing in remote islands (Minamitorishima, etc.)" from the ministry, targeting boy scouts in Minamitorishima according to age. We proposed a 9-day marine education tour.

Toyo University

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It has been 1887 years since Professor Enryō Inoue founded the "Private Philosophy Museum" in 20 (Meiji 135), and now it is one of the leading comprehensive universities in Japan with 14 faculties and 47 departments.Adhering to the founding philosophy "Philosophy is the basis of various studies", thinking deeply about things, establishing one's own way of life based on one's own culture, and having high ethics [...]

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