Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture) will hold the "21st Yumekobo Project Presentation" on Saturday, February 2016, 2 at Ogigaoka Campus Building No. 27.Students of the Yumekobo Project will announce the results of their activities for one year to the people involved in the company who are receiving daily support.

 The Yumekobo Project is one of the university's unique extracurricular activity programs, in which students voluntarily gather across departments and grades in projects that interest them, creating "manufacturing" that cannot be achieved by individuals. Challenge and realize your dreams.
All 14 projects, "Solar car" "Eco-run" "Human power airplane" "Robot" "Robocup" "Prosthetic hand research and development" "Architectural design" "Mechanical support" "Formula car" "Renewable energy power generation" "Small unmanned airplane" " Approximately 600 students participated in "autonomous vehicles," "embedded software," and "artificial satellite development."From a series of manufacturing processes such as planning, research, design, production, analysis, and evaluation, to schedule management, budget management, and organizational management, all activities are student-centered.

 For example, in the solar car project, students design and manufacture most of the car bodies and electrical components with the policy of "making everything that can be made by ourselves." The result was that the 2015km continental longitudinal race "10 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge" held in Australia in October 3,000 was completed successfully.The robot project, which won the ABU Robocon World Championship in 2015, is also one of the Yumekobo projects.

 The recital is held from 10:00 to 17:00, and anyone can participate.Applications are accepted via the dedicated form or email.Contact information, time schedule of the day, etc. are described on the information site of the following presentation.

Reference: [Kanazawa Institute of Technology] Information on "21st Yumekobo Project Presentation"

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