On February 2016, 2, the Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters, Life Safety Department, Cybercrime Countermeasures Division held "Let's think about cybersecurity!" At COCOON CITY6, Saitama City.Associate Professor Yoshihiro Kishimoto and his students from the Faculty of Media Studies, Tokyo University of Technology (Hachioji City, Tokyo) exhibited two Internet safety learning games and encouraged participants to use the Internet safely.

 The purpose of this event is to have people think about cyber security through the experience of being infected with an internet virus and an internet safety learning game.The police exhibited "remote control virus demo" and "information leakage app demo", and the department exhibited the games "Nekoto Learning SNS Manya" and "Secura Taisen".

 The two works exhibited by the university are for children to enjoy learning about the safe use of the Internet while playing games. In February 2, "Save the World with the Power of Games! The 2015rd Serious Game Jam" It was produced in (* 2). "Nekoto Learn SNS Manya" is an award-winning work, a novel game in which the story progresses by experiencing a simulated chat app. "Secura Taisen" is a game that protects your computer from the approaching virus by using security software. It is said that you can use the elements learned in the quiz and tower defense games to defeat the boss and make it a safe computer. Thing.

 In addition, Associate Professor Kishimoto and his students will also hold a "learning game special lecture" for three years from 2 at the special lecture "Summer Vacation Children's Ginkgo School" (* 2013) for elementary school students sponsored by Hachioji City, Tokyo. In August 3, under the theme of "Internet security," we taught how to use the Internet safely while having them play with "Secura Taisen."

* 1: A "serious game" is a game produced for the purpose of enlightening and solving social problems, and many cases can be seen in Europe and the United States. "Game jam" is an event where all the participants gather at one venue to create a game with a fixed theme in a short period of two to three days.The first is "Learning English" and the second is "Cyber ​​Security".The third game was created under the theme of "a game to learn how to use the Internet safely" for elementary and junior high school students.

* 2: A special summer vacation course offered by teachers of universities and technical colleges in the Hachioji area, taking advantage of the characteristics of each school, for 4th to 6th grade elementary school students living in Hachioji city.

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