Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd., which operates about 300 student dormitories nationwide, has been working since 2015 as part of measures to foster the positiveness, communication skills, and cooperation of students living in the student dormitory "Dormy". ) System (*) ”has been introduced.

 RA (Resident Assistant) is a "student dormitory leader" who supports the lives of foreign students and other dormitory students who live in dormitories away from their parents so that they can live in dormitories with peace of mind. That is. RA will actively talk to new dormitory students, plan social events, and act as a bridge with the dormitory manager's dormitory mother so that new dormitory students can get used to the dormitory life as soon as possible.

 The Super Global University (SGU) system led by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology started in 2014, and as each university accelerates internationalization, the university has started to develop a "dormitory" as one of the student housing.Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. has introduced an RA system to make the dormitory a place where students can stimulate each other and create communication, as well as the evolution of the dormitory in terms of hardware such as private room type living room and dining room. One year after the introduction of the RA system, on February 1, 2016, a presentation was held in which RAs from 2 universities * in the Tokyo metropolitan area, including affiliated Chuo University and Hosei University, gathered to announce their achievements.

* Participating Universities: Komazawa Women's University, Komazawa Women's Junior College / Sakuramibayashi University / Kanda Foreign Language University / Narumi University / Atomi Gakuen Women's University / Chuo University / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Japan Women's University / Musashino Art University / Hosei University / Meiji Gakuin University /
Rikkyo University / Kokugakuin University /

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