Kanda University of International Studies, Toyo University, Hosei University, and Meiji University will hold a joint event "Super" for high school students, parents, high school teachers, and cram school officials nationwide from 2020:9 on September 10, 19. Live broadcast of "Session".

 The 2021 university entrance exam is extremely confused due to admission reform and corona damage.For students who are thinking of studying abroad or studying abroad after enrollment, there will be further anxiety about the situation where the future of the world situation is completely uncertain.

 Based on this situation, four universities that are focusing on developing global human resources with a global perspective, such as Kanda University of International Studies, which will newly establish the Faculty of Global Liberal Arts in April 2021, will collaborate to become high school students nationwide. To hold a joint event.

 The event consists of two parts. In the panel discussion of the first part, panelists from 4 universities will be invited, how the global "learning" will change, and the "global power" required in the future. Discuss what it is like.The second part will deliver the latest information on the 2021 entrance examinations of each university.

Reference: [Arrow Education Research Institute] Kanda University of International Studies x Toyo University x Hosei University x Meiji University 4 Universities Joint Global Event "Super Session" Live Distribution Special Site

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