Twenty seminar students from Professor Tsuneji Nakatani, Faculty of Business Administration, Kinki University (Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) conducted a joint survey with the Nara Prefectural Barber and Life Sanitation Association on the hairstyle "job hunting hair" that companies seek from students who are looking for a job. Then, I collected statistics by industry.Based on the survey results, on February 20, 2016 (Tuesday), a "Job Hunting Hair" seminar will be held at Nara Barber Beauty College for members of barber associations in the Kinki region and students who are looking for a job. ..

 The survey started in May 2014 as a "Job Hunting Hair Project" aimed at rebuilding a barber shop whose popularity among young people is declining.The barber shop aims to increase the number of customers by providing "job hunting haircuts", and students aim to improve planning ability and execution ability by learning statistics practically and taking the initiative in research. ..
One of the hairstyle issues in job hunting is the case where students who have enjoyed fashion with brown hair and perms challenge job hunting with hairstyles that are inappropriate for working people because they do not want to break their style. Is often seen.

 In the 2015 survey last year, we conducted a questionnaire survey of about 340 companies and about 300 students, and announced the "job hunting hair" that companies are looking for.This year, in addition to increasing the number of samples in the questionnaire survey (about 480 companies), we visited barber associations nationwide to increase the number of stores that carry out "job hunting hair" and worked to increase the popularity of barber stores.Currently, we are co-sponsored by barber associations in eight prefectures nationwide, including Osaka and Nara prefectures.In addition, manuals are distributed to barbers belonging to barber associations nationwide who participated in the seminar.

 At the seminar on the 16th, in addition to the announcement of "Job Hunting Hair", the announcement of "Usage of the barber shop of university students" surveyed by about 460 university students, the demonstration of job hunting haircuts modeled on seminar students, and for the students who visited We are planning a free face shaving experience.In addition, a joint company information session will be held at the same time by companies related to the barber and beauty industry and local companies in Nara.Admission is free and no prior application is required.

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