A questionnaire survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry revealed that although foreign students and former international students highly value Japan as a place to live, they are not attracted to Japanese companies as a place to work.Utilization of foreign human resources is an issue in order to enhance Japan's industrial competitiveness, but it seems that Japan's unique employment system is disliked.

 According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 33.0% of foreign students and former international students answered that living in Japan was "attractive" and 49.7% answered that it was "somewhat attractive", which was highly evaluated.On the other hand, only 4.3% of Japanese companies as a place to work are "attractive" and 17.7% are "somewhat attractive".On the contrary, 15.6% answered that they were "not attractive at all" and 34.3% answered that they were "not very attractive", and many of them were quite strict.

 About 7% of all international students want to get a job from a Japanese university or graduate school, but only about 3% of them actually get a job in Japan.The reason is that 76% of international students want a large company as a place of employment and are not looking at mid-sized companies and small and medium-sized companies that are considering accepting them.

 As for the problems of finding employment in Japanese companies, 33.1% of international students cited "I don't understand the mechanism of job hunting" and 32.2% said "The work content after joining the company is not clarified".As for dissatisfaction with Japanese companies, 35.6% of large companies answered that they did not feel the prospect of promotion, and 34.0% of small and medium-sized companies answered that their salary was low. There are also conspicuous voices that are twisted by the unique Japanese way of thinking, such as "they are not evaluated according to their abilities and achievements" and "the way of thinking about career paths is different".

reference:[Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] The characteristics of Japanese companies from the perspective of young foreign human resources have been clarified-The "Inner Internationalization" Study Group will discuss countermeasures-

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