Planet Co., Ltd., which operates an information infrastructure for the distribution of daily necessities used by more than 1,200 companies in Japan, conducted an awareness survey on "living alone for the first time" for 2016 people from January 1 to 15, 1. I found that there is a difference between men and women in the reasons for starting to live alone and in the newly purchased items.

 According to the survey, the number one reason for starting living alone was "going to school / school 1%", followed by "employment / change of job 41.7%", and although there was no noticeable difference between men and women, the results below the third place were " "I wanted to leave my parents' house" 26.5% for men and 3% for women, and "I wanted to stand alone" 8.3% for men and 21.2% for women. I found that I had a strong desire to leave the house and become independent.

 When choosing a room for living alone, the most important things for men and women are 1st place "rent 74.9%", 2nd place "distance from school / company 53.4%", and 3rd place "distance from station 40.3%". The biggest difference was in "number of floors (2nd floor and above)", with 13.1% of men and 30.5% of women responding that they place importance.Regarding newly purchased items, the most common items were "refrigerator 57.9%", "rice cooker 44.1%", "washing machine 43.1%", and "television 42.5%".Among them, the largest difference between men and women was "curtain", which was 22.8% for men and 48.2% for women, which was about half.In addition, the number one good thing about living alone was "1% who can use their time freely", and the most common problem was "62.7% when they fell asleep due to illness".

Reference: [Planet Co., Ltd.] Gender difference in reasons for starting "living alone" and newly purchased items

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