The Nippon Keidanren Federation conducted a survey on recruitment selection activities for employees joining the company in April 2016, and found that more than 4% of companies were "in the seller market (student side was advantageous)" and more than 9%. We announced the results of the survey that we answered that "the number of people who declined the offer has increased".

 This survey has been conducted since 1997 for the purpose of summarizing the recruitment selection activities for new graduates such as university graduates of companies. The 2015 survey was conducted from September 2015th to October 9th, 24, targeting 10 corporate members of the Japan Business Federation, and collected responses from 16 companies.

 According to the survey, the percentage of companies that conducted recruitment selection activities for employees joining the company in April 2016 continues to be high at 4%, and 96.7% of the companies in the evaluation of the employment recruitment market said that the seller market (student side is advantageous). ) ”. This is a significant increase of 91.1 points compared to FY2014.As a recruitment activity, 24.4% of companies answered that they "conducted" an internship.Of these, 67.7% of the companies answered that they had "significantly increased" or "slightly increased" the number of people accepted compared to FY2014, accounting for the majority.52.8% of the companies participated in the on-campus seminars, and the number of seminars tended to increase.On the other hand, the percentage of companies that declined the offer (including the offer) was 81.9%, which was "significantly increased" or "slightly increased" compared to FY2014, and additional recruitment was "already done". 55.2% of the companies answered that they plan to do it in the future, which is close to 47.4%.

 Regarding the impact and evaluation of changes in the recruitment selection schedule, more than 95% answered that they had a negative impact on students, and 87.9% answered that they had a negative impact on their recruitment selection activities.In the future, 80.0% of companies answered that "the schedule specified in the guideline should be reviewed", and it was found that it is necessary to review the start time of selection activities and the start time of public relations activities.

Reference: [Japan Business Federation] Questionnaire survey results regarding recruitment of new graduates in 2015

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