From April 2021, Showa Women's University will establish a new one-year graduate course for working adults who can obtain a master's degree in one year while working.The courses are "Welfare Co-creation Management Course" and "Consumer-Oriented Management Course" in the Department of Welfare and Social Studies, and "One Year Course" in the Department of Lifestyle and Culture Studies.In both cases, it is possible to balance work with flexible learning methods such as nighttime and combined use with online learning.

 The "Welfare Co-creation Management Course" is the first course in Japan for childcare / welfare facilities, health care / welfare managers, and managers (leaders).Over the next 25 years, the number of elderly people with diverse needs for medical care and welfare will increase by 300 million nationwide, of which 7% is said to be concentrated in the Tokyo area.Against the background of the expected long-term increase in medical and nursing care facilities, this course includes the "Childcare and Welfare Facility Management Graduate School Program" to develop management personnel who will be responsible for the management of childcare and welfare facilities, as well as welfare studies, sociology, and management. Establish a "Health and Welfare Management Graduate Program" to train managers and managers of health and welfare with high comprehensive practical ability by learning knowledge and practical scientific research methods such as scholarship and pedagogy.

 The "Consumer-Oriented Management Course" is the first graduate school of consumption and management in Japan.In a new consumer society where consideration for society, the region, and the environment is indispensable, we will work on creating new value and develop human resources who will be responsible for planning, planning, and promotion of companies and organizations.Upon completion of this graduate school, you will be able to obtain a master's degree as well as a "master consumer affairs advisor" qualification.

 The "1 year course" is a step-up course for curators with practical experience, and those who aim to become curators or teachers in the future.Study the culture and life of each region and era from history, folklore, human geography, archeology, art history, cultural property studies, etc.By taking a course at the National Institute of Japanese Literature while attending school, you will be able to obtain the "Associate Archivist Qualification" certified by Showa Women's University, and you will be able to strengthen your ability to handle records management related to documents and cultural properties.There are also opportunities for hands-on experience such as field trips at museums in Boston and Washington DC, and practical training at the Koyo Museum.

 Prior to the new establishment, on September 2020, 9, the "With Corona Era Nursing Care Facility Management" symposium will be held online to consider the nursing care services required in the future.Discuss with top runners involved in the management of long-term care facilities about efforts to address various issues and future prospects, including diversifying needs in the corona disaster.Those who wish to participate need to apply in advance.

Reference: [Showa Women's University] Two management courses and one practical step-up course are newly established in a one-year graduate school system.

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