Seitoku University Junior College Department (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) cooperates with Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd. (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture), Yamato Corporation (Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture) and Tanpopo Farm Co., Ltd. (Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture). Developed new bread products that utilize local agricultural products. It will be on sale at "Camelia Bakery" which will open in "Minamiboso Dorakuen" in Fukana, Tomiura-cho, Minamiboso City on March 2016, 3 (Tuesday).

 This collaborative project was triggered by the bank's proposal to the junior college department of the university for a product development plan that makes use of ingredients from the Minamiboso area.Based on the "mutual cooperation agreement on regional revitalization and revitalization support" concluded with Minami Boso City, the bank wants to use its daily research results for regional promotion with Yamato Co., Ltd., which aims to increase the satisfaction of young tourists. As a bridge between the university's junior college department, we proposed new product development utilizing local agricultural products and regional revitalization measures through tourism promotion activities.

 At the junior college department of the same university that received the proposal, a student (Department of Comprehensive Culture) who is studying confectionery and bread making repeatedly developed prototypes while coming up with ideas for new products.The recipe will be provided to Yamato Corporation and will be sold at "Camelia Bakery" operated by the company.
The new products to be released are "Tokimeki Minamiboso Flower Danish" (3 types of strawberry, summer orange, and cherry tomato) and "Tokimeki Minamiboso Fruit Melon Bread" (4 types of melon, lemon, strawberry, and banana).The product name was also devised by the students, and "Tokimeki" was used in common when the students of the same university developed the product.

 Since being adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a "base project (university COC)" (* 2013) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the junior college department of the university has contributed to the local community in the Matsudo area as part of its classes. I have taken it in.In addition, we will participate in the COC + project centered on Chiba University, which started in fiscal 1, as a business community, and are developing initiatives to contribute to regional revitalization in areas with outflow of population.This product development through industry-academia-gold (private companies, educational institutions, financial institutions) collaboration was the first step.

* 1 The university COC (Center of community) is a subsidized project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and implements initiatives that the region and the university consider necessary by matching regional issues (needs) with university resources (seeds).Universities utilize their own "knowledge" for regional revitalization and revitalization, and the region returns its own "educational power" to the university.It also aims to build an environment where universities, local governments, local companies, etc. can cooperate systematically and practically.

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