Kenji Suetsugu, a specially appointed lecturer at the Graduate School of Science, Kobe University, discovered a new species of mycotrophic plant in Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, and named it "Yakushimasou".The research results were published in the botanical research journal "Journal of Japanese Botany".

 According to Kobe University, Yakushimasou is a fungal heterotrophic plant with a total length of 5 cm.It is closely related to Triuridaceae, but when I brought back the specimen and examined the morphological characteristics with Professor Yuichi Tsukaya of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science and Professor Hiroyoshi Ohashi of the Tohoku University Botanical Garden Tsuda Memorial Hall, the entire above-ground part was black. It was purple, the filaments of the male flowers did not exceed the height of the anthers, and the styles of the female flowers were found to be different from Triuridaceae in that they were rod-shaped and had many papillary protrusions, and were judged to be a new species.

 Fungal heterotrophic plants stop photosynthesis, parasitize fungi such as molds and unilaterally squeeze nutrients, but they are small and appear on the ground only when they bloom and when they bear fruit, so they are accurate. Distribution information has not been clarified.In October 2015, Suetsugu Specially Appointed Lecturer conducted a survey with photographer Hiroaki Yamashita in a lowland laurel forest on Yakushima Island, and found Yakushimasou.

 The growth of Yakushimasou, which parasitizes fungi, indicates that a network of symbiotic fungi that are invisible to humans is alive in the lowland primeval forest of Yakushima.Instructor Suetsugu said, "In Yakushima, attention is focused only on Jomon cedar, but the place discovered this time is an area where deforestation is possible. It reminds us of the preciousness of the forest. "

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