Associate Professor Takeshi Iyoda of Shibaura Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Seibu Construction (Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, President Fumio Miya), has built a system to spray repair materials and water necessary for concrete structures that are out of reach of humans. bottom.Although the development of a system that detects cracks in structures through camera photography and tapping sound surveys is progressing, the system that sprays repair materials on cracks has been delayed in research, so it is drawing attention as a new way to use drones. I'm going to collect it.

 According to Shibaura Institute of Technology, the prototype produced is a modification of an existing aircraft, in which water and repair materials are stored in a 2-liter tank and sprayed using four nozzles.In addition to the spraying angle, the nozzle can adjust the water flow and water pressure by turning the tip, and in the experiment, it was possible to spray in 4 seconds per square meter on average.The feature is that the nozzle can be moved up, down, left and right, and it can be sprayed pinpointly in a narrow range.

 With this drone, repair work can be done remotely.As a result, it can be used for repair work such as aerial work platforms and scaffolding that are difficult to install on the sea, bridges in high places, and dangerous places that people cannot easily approach, greatly reducing the work process and human burden. Not only can it be done, but it can also be expected to improve the safety of workers.

 In the work experiment with the prototype, unevenness is more likely to occur compared to human power, so the problem of wasting repair materials has been found.Associate Professor Iyoda is advancing the development of technology for spraying repair materials with high accuracy and technology for the drone itself to perform repair work autonomously, aiming for mutual utilization and cooperation with inspection drones.

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