Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University (Machida City, Tokyo) was a 2016th grade home economics class at Yokoyama Daiichi Elementary School (Tokyo) on February 2, 16. We held an on-site lesson "Lecture and demonstration of how to take dashi" with the theme of "Deaf".

 The elementary school aims to "build a healthy body that supports the power to live", and offers food education classes by school dietitians and food education experiences in collaboration with nearby supermarkets.In addition to incorporating local vegetables into school lunches, we also introduce producers and develop efforts to foster a feeling of gratitude for local production for local consumption and producers.
In response to these dietary education at the elementary school, the university dispatched teachers from August 2015 to provide practical training using local vegetables and training on dietary education subjects.In addition, we have been promoting exchanges by inviting home economics teachers from the elementary school to the food development presentation of the department.

 This on-site lesson will be held for 5 weeks with lectures, demonstrations, and practical training.The first week is "Looking back on your daily diet, what you often eat, the five major nutrients and the three functions", and the second week is "Become a doctor of rice".
And on the 16th, the 3rd week class "Lecture and demonstration of how to make soup stock" was held.The children sharpened the dried bonito flakes with a shaving machine, used the dried bonito flakes to take the soup stock, and compared it with the dried sardines soup stock.
In the 4th week, "Let's find out how to make rice and miso soup and make a training plan", and in the 5th week, the cooking training "Rice and miso soup" will continue.

 Professor Oguchi, who gave the class, said, "The eyes of the children who saw the dried bonito and the shaving machine for the first time were shining, and they were lined up in a line to want to shave again. I think I saw the origin of learning and communicating through the exchange of. "

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