Kogakuin University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) is centered on the "Social Contribution Society East Japan Earthquake Support Committee" jointly established by Kobe Gakuin University (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) and Tohoku Fukushi University (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture). Taking shape from the feelings of those who want to help the reconstruction even if they cannot go to the site, we worked on the "Your Memories Protection Corps" project to restore photos of precious memories that were contaminated with seawater and mud.Five years have passed since the activity started, and all the photo restoration work requested has been completed. An activity briefing session was held on February 3, 5.

 The project started in April 2011 in collaboration with Kogakuin University and Kobe Gakuin University, which were not damaged by the earthquake.From July of the same year, faculty members and members of society, mainly students, started the activity in earnest, and the total number of participating volunteers reached 4 at both universities, and 7 photographs were restored and delivered to the client. I did.

Photo restoration begins with checking each album photo sent from the disaster area one by one and carefully peeling it off, and after several months of restoration work, it is returned to the victim.The peeled photos are classified into "repairable" and "non-repairable", scanned, and stains, stains, and tears are repaired with image processing software.The process of resuscitating as a new photograph was steady, and some of them took several hours to repair, which required time and patience.

At the debriefing session, Tatsuya Hiramoto (Kogakuin University TKK Helping Cooperation Center), who entered the disaster area as a graduate student at Kogakuin University and participated in volunteer activities, explained the outline of the project activities. "Although I had a strong desire to support reconstruction, I couldn't easily go to Tohoku due to time constraints. So I decided to participate in this project where I can volunteer even in Tokyo." Told.

In addition, Associate Professor Nobue Funaki (Department of Social Disaster Prevention, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kobe Gakuin University), who was the inventor of the project, also participated in the event. However, by exchanging letters with clients who could not meet directly and disseminating the work status on SNS, I was able to connect a faceless relationship. "

Source: [Kogakuin University] "Your Memories Protection Corps" activity briefing session was held

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