The Japan Association of National Universities has announced an action plan that summarizes the achievement status of the 2011 goal of "2015% or more of female faculty members at national universities by 17" and the promotion of gender equality at national universities from 2016 to 2020. Did.

 The Japan Association of National Universities believes that it is important to further improve the environment in which female abilities can be demonstrated, including recruitment as faculty members and researchers at universities, etc., as the rate of female enrollment in graduate schools increases. , We have formulated an action plan to promote gender equality at universities and set specific numerical targets.


 The goal of achieving the five-year action plan from 2016 announced this time is based on the government's goal of "at least 5% of women will be in leadership positions by 2020 in all areas of society." It is set. Regarding the ratio of female faculty members at each university by 30, we aim to increase the ratio by 2020% to 30% or more for universities with a current ratio of 40% or more.The target values ​​are 10% or more for the president, directors, and vice presidents, and 12% or more for university decision-making institutions.

Reference: [National University Association] Gender equality at national universities

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