Showa Women's University (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) Faculty of Global Business Department of Business Design Koji Hirao Seminar reported on February 2016, 2, "Questionnaire Survey on Expansion of Women's Market for Japanese Sake".We investigated what type of sake suits the tastes of young women and proposed strategies that would be effective in attracting female fans.

 Although sake is one of the Japanese cultures that Japanese people are proud of, the production volume and the number of manufacturers have decreased sharply in recent years, and the market is also shrinking.It is said that "young people's departure from sake" is often pointed out as one of the factors.Against this background, with the aim of contributing to the expansion and development of the sake market, the seminar conducted a survey on the theme of "expansion and internationalization of the women's market for sake" as part of the seminar activities in FY2015.We have been engaged in the same questionnaire survey and interview surveys with several breweries.

 同アンケート調査は、同大学現代ビジネス研究所 熊坂敏彦研究員と平尾ゼミとの共同研究プロジェクトとして、18歳~23歳(平均20歳)の同大学学生468人を対象に2015年11月に実施。調査結果から、(1)アルコール飲料の中で日本酒を好んで飲む女子大生の割合は少ない(2)女子大生は果実酒やチューハイなど、ジュースのように飲みやすくアルコール度数の低いお酒を好む傾向があり、独特の風味やアルコール度数の高い日本酒はあまり好まない(3)女子大生の日本酒の好みは「軽快でさらり」「甘い」「香りが高い」(4)女子大生は「有名(ブランド)」 「おしゃれ」 「流行」「ファッション」などに敏感であり、「価格へのこだわりも強い」ということがわかりました。

 Based on the above-mentioned tendency of female college students who are beginners of sake, in order to expand the female market for sake, "high quality (improvement of taste and smell)", "low alcohol", "low price", "branding", etc. "Management innovation measures" are necessary, and concrete measures such as PR of compatibility between sake and Japanese food, creation of drinking opportunities such as events and girls-only gatherings, transfer of knowledge and manners of sake, and dissemination of information are also important. It is recommended that.

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