Akira Saito's laboratory at Jissen Women's University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Shibuya Campus) and NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions Corporation (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will utilize the company's word-of-mouth analysis service "Buzz Finder" at the end of the year. Conducted tweet analysis on Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando at the beginning of the year.By multiplying the writing of "Twitter" that shows people's true intentions with attribute analysis, it is possible to visualize what kind of people are interested in what in the city.This survey was conducted as part of the tourism destination marketing research conducted by the laboratory.

 The survey collected data on the three keywords (Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando) to be analyzed using "BuzzFinder" for 2015 days from December 12, 28 to January 2016, 1.The acquired data of more than 3 was analyzed after performing data cleaning by machine judgment processing such as excluding posts for advertising purposes.

 According to the survey results, in "Shibuya", writings to enjoy live events are conspicuous at the end of the year, and many writings are written as "Paripi" which is an abbreviation for party people. I could see that he was there.In addition, there are many posts about music-related stores such as "Tower Records" and "TSUTAYA", which is a feature that is supported by music lovers.
"Harajuku" has the youngest writer's attributes in the three cities, and fashion-related writings such as the voices of women who enjoy shopping such as lucky bags and sales were conspicuous.In addition, there were many topics related to sweets such as crepes and pancakes, and many people were seen lining up in a line at famous sweets stores.
"Omotesando" has conspicuous keywords related to eating and drinking such as "cafe", and is also characterized by a lot of writing related to beauty such as hair dressing and nail art.Also, unlike "Shibuya" and "Harajuku", where the percentage of people in their 20s or younger is high, the percentage of people in their 30s or older is high, and there are a certain number of opinions that they like the calm atmosphere of Omotesando. In each of the three areas, characteristic survey results were obtained.

 The company promotes corporate business activities and government tourism businesses through "social listening analysis," which collects and analyzes the voices of consumers and customers on social media that are posted voluntarily.

Reference: [NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions] Social Listening Survey Results Tweet analysis of Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando during the New Year holidays

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