Woman & Crowd Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a consolidated subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), supports women's diverse work styles. Announced the results of the second awareness survey on childbirth and career.In this survey, 2 married women (Woman & Crowd members) who have left their jobs due to marriage or childbirth, and 300 women in the third and fourth year of university (Chuo University, Meiji University, Waseda) who are about to get a job or are about to get a job. Conducted for a total of 3 people from universities (in no particular order).A questionnaire survey on the Internet was conducted from January 4th to February 220nd, 520.

 In a questionnaire survey, 6% of female college students answered "I'm worried about getting support from the company" when asked "What do you feel uneasy about your job when thinking about marriage or childbirth?" , About half answered that they were concerned about the damage caused by Matahara and Ikuhara.
In addition, in response to the question, "While you are building up your career well, if you have the opportunity to get married or have a baby, do you think you may feel hesitant because of your continued career?" , 58% of female college students answered, "Because of the continuation of my career, I may feel hesitant about marriage and childbirth."While the government has set the goal of providing child-rearing support (desired birth rate of 1.8%) to pursue dreams, about 6% of female college students who are about to reach the appropriate age will get married for work in the future.・ I found out that I think that I may feel hesitant about giving birth.
In addition, about half of the female college students answered "I don't mind" to the question "Is it okay if my partner is a stay-at-home husband if I can concentrate on my work?"

 Professor Akiko Murata (Director, Gender Studies Institute, Waseda University), Waseda University Faculty of Letters, said, "In front of this survey, it is doubtful that Japanese society really welcomes children while considering the declining birthrate and aging population. Looking at the high rate of concern about "Matahara, Ikuhara", we value the essence of human society, which treats women as equal partners and supports each life event, and children. I even feel that the maturity of the society to grow up has declined. "(Partial excerpt).

Reference: [Woman & Crowd] It is natural for my father to be "Ikumen"!One in two female college students says, "My husband can be a stay-at-home husband."

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