A questionnaire survey on scholarships by the Central Council for Workers Welfare found that about 4% of those who borrowed scholarships during college felt that the return was "painful".

 The Central Labor Welfare Council conducted a questionnaire survey of 2015 labor unionists from July to August 7 with the aim of clarifying the actual conditions and problems of using scholarships and improving policies and systems. Implemented. 8, or 17,981%, responded and announced the survey results.The age composition of the respondents is widely distributed from teens to 74.2s, and the average age is 13,342 years.When asked if they "know" about the contents of the scholarship system, "the number and amount of loans are 10%, which is more interest-bearing" is the most common, but "blacklist 60% for overdue for 41.8 months or more" and "delinquency". 44.6%, which is subject to an annual delinquency charge of 3%, and 23.5%, where the repayment exemption system for teachers has been abolished. I found that I didn't know much about the contents of.

 As for the usage status of the scholarship system when I was a student, 34% of those under the age of 53.2 "used", and while one in two people use the system, they do not understand the scholarship refund conditions and the risk of delinquency. More than 2% of the people borrowed from the scholarship.In addition, 1% of the regular and 4% of the non-regular people feel that the return of the scholarship is "painful".The average total amount of scholarships borrowed is 37 yen, and the average monthly refund amount is about 56 yen.312.9% of the people have a total loan of 17,000 million yen or more, and 500% have a monthly return of 1 yen or more.

 When asked if the return of scholarships has an impact on life planning, the percentage of "influenced" was the highest at "marriage 31.6%", "ownership acquisition 27.1%", and "choice of work or employment". It was also found that if there is a regular loan of 25.2 million yen and a non-regular loan of 500 million yen or more, it will affect "marriage".

Reference: [Central Labor Welfare Council] Questionnaire survey results regarding scholarships (summary version)

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