The Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Council conducted an awareness survey on gender equality among university students enrolled in national, public and private universities in the Nagoya city area, and announced the results of the survey.

 This survey aims to be a basic material for future gender equality measures for young people by grasping the awareness and actual conditions of university students regarding work, marriage, education, human rights, etc., from April 2015 to May 4. The event was held in May for 5 university students enrolled in 11 national, public and private universities in the Nagoya city area. (2,400 valid responses)

 According to the survey, 64.5% of male and female college students answered "No" and about 7% of women answered "No" about the gender role division that "husband should work outside and wife should protect family". No tendency for young women to be conservative was seen in this survey, compared to the 2012 national opinion poll in favor (51.6%) and disagreement (45.1%).

 Regarding the ideal of work and life, about half of both men and women have an ideal of "almost half of work and family life", and regarding the division of gender roles, "62.2% because we should not impose a fixed awareness of the division of roles between husband and wife". , "46.1% because I think it is better for both husband and wife to do housework and childcare and work for the growth of the child, etc." For example, about 9% of the respondents answered "mother" and "mother", and the current situation is that the work of parents of university students at home is mostly carried out by the mother.

 Regarding the efforts required at school to promote gender equality, "57.4% instructing students to utilize their abilities regardless of gender in career choices and occupations" was the most common, and "in school life, it depends on gender." This is followed by "51.4% to eliminate the division of roles" and "45.0% to give lessons to foster awareness of gender equality".The detailed survey results are posted on the Nagoya City website.

Reference: [Nagoya City] Awareness survey of university students regarding gender equality (Gender Equality Promotion Council)

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