On February 2016, 2, the Japan Facility Management Awards Ceremony was held to commend projects for effective use of land and facilities, and Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) received the highest award.The award was given to the "Public-Private Complex Development Ogar Project in Unused Land" promoted by Shiwa Town, Iwate Prefecture. Business developed in facilities, public facilities, accommodation facilities, etc.This project was developed using PPP (Public Private Partnership * 25), and has produced results both as a business and as a town development.

 The Graduate School of Economics, Department of Public-Private Partnership (* 2) of the same university conducted a PPP possibility survey, which is the starting point of the project, in 2007.It is clear that the area is located not only in the town (population 3) but also in the center of 60 people connecting Morioka City in the north to Hanamaki City and Kitakami City in the south, and there is a possibility of various PPP projects. I made it.In addition, Mr. Chiichi Kamada (2nd gen member of the same major), who is currently active in the field, and Masanobu Okazaki (1.5th gen member of the same major), the representative of Ogar Plaza Co., Ltd., were trained as PPP professionals at the graduate school. Received an award as a service provider.

 It is extremely rare for a university to receive this kind of award, and in the award ceremony commentary, Professor Emeritus Soichiro Okishio of Tokyo University of Science said, "As a key to the success of Shiwa Town, the graduate school of Toyo University. It was great that we dispatched staff to learn about public-private partnerships. "In addition, Mayor Kumagai of the same town gave a commemorative lecture at the university's Otemachi satellite on the 26th, "We will continue to renovate the entire town following this success, and for that purpose we would like to further strengthen our ties with Toyo University." Said.

 The project has also won the "Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award" of the 2013 Land Utilization Model Awards.

* 1 “Public-private partnership” in which the government and the private sector form a partner to carry out a business.It is different from PFI (Private Finance Initiative), in which the government simply provides financial cooperation to the private sector, with the idea that private businesses participate from the planning stage such as policies.The merits include improving the efficiency of organizational management, ensuring safety, and clarifying responsibilities, and it is characterized by the fact that a wide range of communities such as NPOs, universities, and regions participate in and cooperate in policy and business reviews.

* 2 A graduate school for working adults to learn the theory, knowledge, and practical methods related to PPP. Established in 2006, it trains public and private human resources.

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