A group led by Assistant Professor Yamaoka of the Department of Physics at Kyushu University proposed to name the asteroid (61189) "Ohsadaharu" in commemoration of Mr. Sadaharu Oh, the chairman of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of professional baseball, and international astronomy. The name was announced in the asteroid bulletin issued by the Union.


The asteroid (61189) named "Ohsadaharu" is the Bisei Spaceguard Center in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture, which is operated by the "NPO Japan Spaceguard Association", which is engaged in activities to discover and track asteroids that are in danger of colliding with the Earth. It was discovered on July 2000, 7.

 This time, it was talked about whether it would be possible to give a celestial body name related to Fukuoka at the adult science salon "Science Pub" sponsored by Assistant Professor Yamaoka, and the name of Mr. Wang came up.Among the hundreds of asteroids that the asteroid observation team has discovered so far, this asteroid (61189) was named after the king by the definite number "61189" given when the asteroid was discovered. The number "1" that he had in the Giants era, the number "89" that he had given as Hawks and the director of the Japanese national team were included, and the name of the asteroid observation team BATTeRS and the world's best home run batter Named after Mr. Wang.

 The asteroid "Ohsadaharu" is a member of the main belt (asteroid belt) between Mars and Jupiter, and it takes about 3 years and 8 months to go around the Sun.It is impossible to find it with the naked eye or through a telescope, but it is not difficult to take a picture of it with a large telescope.Following the name of the asteroid, Sadaharu Oh said, "Baseball is immortal, but astronomy is more immortal." "I hope that my name will increase the number of children who are interested in astronomy." ..

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