Hidenori Watanabe Laboratory and Iwate Nippo (Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, President XNUMX Million Billion Higashine) of the Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University summarized the evacuation behavior of Iwate citizens who were victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake from the occurrence of the earthquake to the invasion of the tsunami. We have created a digital archive "Unforgettable-Action Records of Earthquake Victims".It is available on the Iwate Nippo website.

 According to Tokyo Metropolitan University, Iwate Nippo reporter interviewed the bereaved family about where the victims were at the time of the earthquake and tsunami.For 1,326 people whose whereabouts were known in detail, evacuation behavior was visualized on aerial photographs and maps immediately after the disaster using the multidimensional digital archives technology of Tokyo Metropolitan University.

 In the aerial photographs of each municipality, the position at the time of the earthquake is displayed in light blue for men and red for women, and the evacuation behavior is indicated by the lines of each color.The 687 victims with the consent of the bereaved family are also given their names and actions at the time.

 If you look at the individual screens, you can see at a glance the actions of some people who were swept away by the tsunami after traveling a long distance by car, while others who did not even step out of their homes.In the Unosumai district of Kamaishi City, most of the victims moved to the disaster prevention center, where they were drunk by the tsunami.In the center of Rikuzentakata City, there are many cases where people move to the tsunami inundation area where their homes are located and die after the earthquake.It's easy to see that after a big earthquake, you shouldn't overconfide in the shelter and immediately blame the hills.

 Iwate Nippo is a digital archive that aims to visualize the voiceless voices of the victims and leave the lessons of the earthquake to posterity by analyzing in detail what kind of evacuation behavior the victims took and where they gathered. I came up with the idea of ​​making it.

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