The "University Business Solution Seminar" held annually by Waseda University Academic Solutions will be held online in October this year as a place where people in charge of the same business at other universities can meet together and discuss issues that they face on a daily basis. Will be held.

This will be the first attempt to hold an online event, but this will allow casual participation from all over the country as well as from distant universities.By introducing a participatory program instead of an audition-type program this year, we aim to create a place where hints for solving actual problems can be obtained by exchanging information between participating universities, including examples of efforts by other universities.

From the perspectives of learning support, student support, research promotion, international exchange, and SD, it is extremely important to develop and build an environment that can guarantee these in the recent corona disaster. A four-day seminar will be held under the theme of "How to overcome and create new value".In addition, a consultation meeting for each solution service will be held at the same time.

Waseda University Academic Solutions Co., Ltd., which plans and sponsors this seminar, is a company that provides support services such as school management, education, and research to various universities including Waseda University. Under the mission of "opening up the future of the university and society through the creation of new value," "contribution to the university (as a professional in education, research, and university management support, contribute to the reform of the diversified and sophisticated university." ) ”And“ Contribution to society (contributing to solving problems and developing human resources required by society by utilizing the advanced technology, knowledge, and know-how gained as a university partner) ”.The company's business consists of "university management support," "education support," "internationalization support," "research support," "informatization support," and "social cooperation," and is diversifying and becoming more sophisticated with the trends of the times. We provide a wide range of services such as outsourcing, provision of know-how, and consulting to meet the needs of university education.


Seminar details

Planning / Implementation Organizer: Waseda University Academic Solutions Co., Ltd.
Implementation / Public Relations Cooperation: JAFSA (International Council for Educational Exchange)
Date: October 2020th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday), 27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday), 29, 30 days
開催時間:セミナー1 11:00~12:30 セミナー2  13:30~15:00
Participation: Free
Participation capacity: 100 people for each theme (first-come-first-served basis)
Participation target: University faculty and staff
Holding method: Online ZOOM
Participation application method: Accepting from the participation application form below

<The form for participation application isClick here for more information.>

* Breakdown of seminar time (planned): Seminars 45 and 45 both lectures and Q & A (90 minutes), information exchange meeting between participants (XNUMX minutes), up to XNUMX minutes
* In the latter half of the seminar (45 minutes), we will hold an information exchange meeting between participants for each group using the breakout function.
For the convenience of holding an information exchange meeting between participants, we plan to make an appearance in principle.
* The speakers will participate as advisors in the information exchange meeting between participants.


Scheduled seminar theme

①Tuesday, October 10 Seminar 27 1: 11-00: 12
(Class / learning support in Corona Sorrow) "Problems and Success Cases for Online Classes / Tentative Names"
Professor Yusuke Morita, Deputy Director, Waseda University Research Center, Faculty of Human Sciences


②Tuesday, October 10, Seminar 27 2: 13-30: 15 
(International exchange in the Corona era) "With Corona era of international education exchange concept-JAFSA members will compete in Only One-"
Mr. Koshiro Takada, Secretary-General of JAFSA (International Council for Educational Exchange)

"Should we increase the number of overseas partner schools? "Does the area, characteristics, number of people, and budget match?" "Are there any mismatches in that agreement?" "How to use overseas fairs" and other educational sites where online and real hybrids are expected after corona, explain what you really need to prepare now with a keen eye unique to JAFSA.


③ Wednesday, October 10, Seminar 28 1: 11-00: 12
(Student support in Corona Scratch) "Peer support at Ritsumeikan University and efforts in Corona Scratch and future development"
Mr. Tomoaki Gotsubo, Manager, Kinugasa Student Office, Student Department, Ritsumeikan University

At Ritsumeikan University, about 40 groups and about 4,000 students are engaged in peer support, such as classes, learning support, new students, and support for international students, and the number exceeds 1% of the number of students.We would like to talk about the achievements of via support, the current situation with the new coronavirus, and the challenges and development of peer support at With Corona and After Corona. 


④ Wednesday, October 10, Seminar 28 2: 13-30: 15
(Research support in Corona disaster) "With コ ロ ナ / AfterOpen Innovation and University Management in Corona "
Waseda University Research Innovation Center Intellectual Property / Research Collaboration Section Chief Kikusato Kaname

The new coronavirus is strongly shaking the way of communication and networking between companies and universities.How will the open innovation strategy, which is not a form of industry-academia collaboration, and the efforts for industry-academia collaboration and human resource development change, and how the organization and management of the university for that purpose must change?We will think about these themes together with the participants.


⑤October 10th (Thursday) Seminar 29 1: 11-00: 12
"Transformation of University Education and Future Prospects in Corona"
Professor Masahiro Inoue, Vice President, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology

Introducing the impact of the corona disaster, efforts for collaboration between teaching professions at Shibaura Institute of Technology, systematic examination and implementation of online classes, online study abroad and international PBL, and the outlook for university education after corona.


⑥October 10 (Thursday) Seminar 29 1: 13-30: 15
(Human resources development for staff in the corona sickness) "Mission, duties and human resources development of university staff with an eye on post-corona"
Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University Professor Takahiro Ohno

"For universities, this corona disaster cannot be overcome and'returned', and it is a historic turning point where the contents and methods of university education, research, and social contribution will radically shift to a paradigm. It has meaning. The key to making this an opportunity or a pinch is how university staff can take strategic actions. Think about the role of university staff and the abilities to be developed with you. " Please talk.


⑦Seminar 10 30: 1-11: 00 on October 12th (Friday)
(Support for international exchange in Corona)"International Education in the Corona Era and Online Overseas Training for Undergraduate Students "
Professor Yoshiko Nozaki, Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University

The global epidemic of coronavirus infections has also had a major impact on international education.In addition to introducing some discussions overseas, we will also consider the case of Gakushuin University, which is implementing an online training program this year as an alternative to "local experience type", and the possibility of "online type" after corona. Please talk. 


⑧October 10th (Friday) Seminar 30 2: 13-30: 15
(Student support in Corona) "Respect the feelings of students because of Corona"
Mr. Teruyuki Narasaki, Deputy Secretary General and General Manager of Academic Affairs Department, Kansai University of International Studies

At Kansai University of International Studies, we will review the lesson format each time according to changes in the situation of corona infectious diseases, and from the fall semester, in principle, almost all lessons will be taught face-to-face, except for some subjects. It is supposed to be.We would like to introduce the university's efforts from the spring semester to the present, and the circumstances that led to face-to-face classes from the fall semester, along with the status of student support.


Consultation by solution service (held at the same time)

Participation: Free
Capacity: Up to 100 people for each service (first-come-first-served basis)
Date and time: 45 minutes for each solution service briefing session (including Q & A)
October 10th (Tuesday) to 27th (Friday), 30 times in total for each group
(商品サービス別)1回目 15:15~16:00 2回目 16:15~17:00
Participation capacity: Up to 100 people (planned) for each theme
Participation target: University faculty and staff
Holding method: Online ZOOM
* Participatory implementation using ZOOM meetings
Contents: The following service-specific consultation meetings are held


Group A: Service content and briefing session time
10The first time from 27:29 to 1:15 on the 15th (Tuesday) and 16th (Thursday) of the month.
10The second event will be held from 28:30 to 2:16 on the 15th (Wednesday) and 17th (Friday) of the month.

A-1: Online holding operation support business
(Seminar / Event / Symposium, International Conference)
A-2: Online staff human resource development training
A-3: Introduction of study abroad office work support
(Office outsourcing / consulting / online)
A-4: Online language education


Group B: Service content and briefing session time
10The first time from 27:29 to 1:16 on the 15th (Tuesday) and 17th (Thursday) of the month.
10The first time on the 28th (Wednesday) and 30th (Friday) of the month Held from 15:15 to 16:00 

B-1: Virtual overseas training (dispatch) / study abroad in Japan
* Scheduled guest speakers from the local training side
B-2: Business efficiency improvement by introducing RPA (including consulting)
B-3: Survey on trends in overseas students
* Trends of foreign students using social listening, how to utilize the university
B-4: Others (copyright work / university work efficiency improvement, research promotion support, etc.)


Waseda University Academic Solutions Co., Ltd.
169-0051-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 12-2 Okuma Square Building XNUMXnd floor
"XNUMXrd University Business Solution Seminar Week"

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