Kyushu University Core Education Institute established the "Learning Analytics Center" on February 2016, 2 with the aim of managing and analyzing data related to education and learning, and providing information that contributes to improving education and learning. bottom.This will be the first center organization in a Japanese university to accumulate and analyze educational big data.

 In recent years, in order to encourage students to learn independently, various learning activities such as active learning and reversal learning have been carried out with the aim of improving the educational ability of teachers and improving teaching methods.Under these circumstances, at Kyushu University, PCs purchased by students from April 2013 will be used as university lectures.
Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) will be brought in, and from April 2014, it will be the basis and core of education for first-year students (about 4 students). We have started basic education to learn how to do it.

 The Learning Analytics Center aims to understand the improvement points of the behavior so far by "students look back on the learning process", which is also important in this core education, and to improve the content for teachers to improve the lecture. , It was set up for the purpose of recording and analyzing the process of learning activities as data and using it for education and learning.

 The Learning Analytics Center has a research promotion department, a data management department, a planning / evaluation department, and a system operation support department, and proposes improvement plans for education / learning and promotes educational reform.The research at the center is carried out as a commissioned research of "Social Big Data Utilization / Basic Technology Research and Development" by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

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