The Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo and the Benesse Institute of Education conducted a "Parent-Child Survey on Children's Life and Learning" targeting parents and children in the first to third grades of high school, and announced the results of the survey. It was found that 3% of parents were "anxious about whether their children could become independent in the future", and that "encouragement / support" of parents would lead to their children's ability to act and their future goals.

 In 2014, the Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo and the Benesse Institute of Education conducted a multi-year survey of children's lives, learning situations, and parents' child-rearing situations, and how they change as children grow up. A joint research project was launched to clarify.

 This time, the first survey of the project was conducted, targeting 1 children from the 4th grade to the 11,982rd grade of high school and 1 parents of the 3st grade to the 16,776rd grade of high school. We investigated "human relations" and "parent-child relationships".The survey period is from July to August 2015.

 According to the survey, 51.2% of parents answered, "I'm worried if my child will be able to become independent when he grows up."By gender, the parents of boys were highly anxious, and there was a difference of 5 points or more between 1th to 10st graders compared to girls.In addition, at any school stage, children who receive "encouragement / support" from their parents are more likely to have future goals and ability to act, while children who are encouraged to "talk about anything". , The ratio of "do what you can do yourself" was low.Furthermore, it was found that the children of parents who are engaged in various activities on a regular basis are more likely to have the feeling of challenge and the ability to act.

The project aims to clarify the process of "growth and development" of parents and children and the factors that promote "independence" by conducting surveys every year.

Reference: [Benesse Holdings, Inc.] Joint Research, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo, Benesse Education Research Institute "Parent-Child Survey on Children's Life and Learning 2015"

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