The University of Tokyo has compiled a document of points to note regarding job hunting activities for those who are planning to graduate or complete in 2016, and recruitment selection activities by companies. We requested each company not to damage the environment.

 As a result of repeated discussions on the corporate side, university side, and related ministries and agencies in order to ensure an environment where students can concentrate on their studies and have diverse experiences in the employment and recruitment activities of those who are planning to graduate or complete in 2016, the general public The Nippon Keidanren Federation has decided that public relations activities will be maintained after March 2016, 2016 for those who are planning to graduate or complete in 3, and recruitment selection activities will start after June 1, 2016. It will be changed.

 In response to this policy, the University of Tokyo requested the cooperation of companies, such as utilizing Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and weekday evenings, because recruitment selection activities do not interfere with students' academic achievements. When conducting a "company briefing session", clearly indicate to students that the presence or absence of participation does not affect the subsequent selection, "company-designated documents" including items that may lead to employment discrimination, and a copy of the family register (excerpt) ) Do not request the submission of "books", "resident's card", etc., and force them to make an unofficial decision early before the start of public relations activities or during the publicity activities period, or to cancel job hunting for other companies in exchange for their own unofficial decision. We asked students for their understanding and consideration of job hunting from various perspectives, such as prohibiting acts that hinder students' freedom of choice in their profession, prohibiting harassment-like acts, and giving consideration to female students when hiring general employment.

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