On October 2020, 10, Tokyo Denki University and Kandenko Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive industry-academia collaboration agreement for the establishment of a joint research project on resilience improvement.In the future, we will promote joint research on resilience improvement, cooperate with each other in the fields of human resources development that contributes to BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and resilience improvement.

 Tokyo Denki University has a Resilience Smart City Research Institute (Director: Professor Wataru Kobayashi) and is promoting research projects that emphasize a more practical perspective, mainly regarding resilience that actively utilizes information technology.We have solicited the participation of a wide range of researchers and have actively implemented research and development in society with many local governments regarding disaster prevention and mitigation.

 As a comprehensive equipment company, Kandenko has a social mission to provide a stable supply of electric power and maintain customer equipment.Now that natural disasters are intensifying, the challenge is to build a more efficient and effective system so that the electrical and infrastructure equipment that is indispensable for daily life can be restored quickly after the disaster and contribute to the local community.

 Utilizing the knowledge of Tokyo Denki University to address these issues of Kandenko, we will establish a joint research project aiming to improve the efficiency of disaster recovery by actively utilizing information technology.In the project, an efficient disaster recovery plan is created based on information that is considered to be useful for disaster recovery, such as weather information and map information.We will build a system to collect the information obtained from the on-site restoration and provide the latest information to the local government.

 In the future, the project will be further examined to formulate more detailed research themes, and will be implemented in a three-year plan from FY2021.

Reference: [Tokyo Denki University] Kandenko and Tokyo Denki University conclude a comprehensive industry-academia collaboration agreement

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