The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has selected five schools, including Tohoku University and Mie University, as contract schools for the 2016 industry-academia-government collaboration risk management model project.Along with the expansion of industry-academia-government collaboration projects, there are voices worried about the loss of trust due to technology leaks from the university side and conflicting interests between the university and the company. Operate.

 According to the Ministry of Education, Tohoku University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and the University of Tokyo maintain risk management for conflicts of interest.Tohoku University will establish a conflict of interest management system headed by the president, and will appoint a general manager under the president.

 The Conflict of Interest Management Office is in charge of the actual work, and the general manager and the medical research implementation manager are in charge of medical research targeting humans.Furthermore, we will promote standardization of management based on our experience and achievements.

 Risk management related to technology leak prevention will be established at Nagoya University and Mie University.Mie University has set up an industry-academia-government collaboration risk management office in the internal organization of the Regional Innovation Promotion Center under the jurisdiction of the director in charge of research, whose authority has been delegated by the president.External committee members are assigned to both the Promotion Center and the Management Office to objectively evaluate the activities of both organizations.At the same time, we will secure and develop human resources who can receive consultations on risk outflow prevention measures from researchers.Through these, it is said that it will be possible to build and operate a system that does not have to worry about technology leaks.

Tokyo University

Established in the 10th year of the Meiji era.A university with the longest history in Japan and at the forefront of Japanese knowledge

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 (Meiji 10) by integrating the Tokyo Kaisei School and the Tokyo Medical School.Since its establishment, it has developed education and research in a unique way in the world as a leading university in Japan and an academic center for the fusion of East and West cultures.As a result, many human resources have been produced in a wide range of fields, and many research achievements […]

Nagoya University

Aiming to be a person who has true courage and intellect and can open up the future

Nagoya University is a comprehensive university with 9 faculties, 13 graduate schools, 3 affiliated research institutes, nationwide joint usage, and 5 joint research centers.Through creative research activities, he explores the truth and produces some of the best intellectual achievements in the world.Foster courageous intellectuals with abundant logical thinking and imagination through educational practices that emphasize spontaneity […]

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Fostering excellent global medical personnel with rich humanity based on the history and achievements of close cooperation between medicine and dentistry

As Japan's only comprehensive medical graduate university, in the fields of medicine and dentistry, human resources who can play an active role on the world stage, a wide range of education and rich humanity, high ethical standards, creativity and pioneering ability to think and solve by oneself, internationality Foster human resources with leadership skills.Excellent faculty, excellent facilities, and a world-class curriculum […]

Mie University

Bringing the power of Mie to the world Rooting in the region and producing unique educational and research results that can be proud of in the world-In harmony and symbiosis between people and nature-

We will develop human resources who can play an active role internationally with an interdisciplinary, original, and comprehensive perspective, as well as developing problem-seeking abilities, problem-solving abilities, and research abilities.Playing a role as a base for "knowledge" in the region that disseminates excellent research results, "promotion of human welfare", "coexistence of humankind in nature", "regional / international community […]

Tohoku University

Create excellent research results that will be the source of innovation, and develop talented human resources who will lead the next generation

Tohoku University has a rich culture and humanity based on the tradition of "research first principle" since its opening, the idea of ​​"opening the door" and the spirit of "respect for practical science", and is a phenomenon of human beings, society and nature. In response to this, human resources with the ability to carry out intellectual exploration with a "scientific mind", demonstrating their expertise in various fields from an international perspective and leading […]

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