On March 2016, 3, the Election Administration Committee of Wakayama Prefecture and Wakayama City held a lecture and mock voting on the theme of "Let's know the importance of elections" at Kinki University Wakayama High School (Wakayama City). Conducted classes.19 second-year high school students learned about elections.

 From June 2016, the age of voting rights will be reduced to "6 years old and over", and the 18-year-old voting rights will be applied for the first time in the 24th House of Councilors election in the summer.The high school will allow 18 students who will turn 18 next year to vote.Therefore, in preparation for the upcoming Upper House election, we held a class aimed at raising awareness of social participation.

 Classes were held at the gymnasium of the high school, and the instructor's staff from the prefecture's election told the significance of voting and the method of voting.Subsequently, an election bulletin summarizing the candidates' claims was distributed and a speech was given, and a mock vote was held. With reference to the policies of the two candidates who insist on "focusing on the welfare of the elderly" and "revitalizing the local economy by promoting tourism," the students are interested in the ballot box on the writing table. I wrote my name and threw it in the ballot box.

 The students who participated said, "I wanted to have a simulated experience and actively participate. I want to vote for people who can invigorate young people." I want to go to vote. "Shunsuke Izumi, the chief of the prefecture's election, introduced that the voter turnout of young people was low in the 2014 prefectural governor's election, and called for "I definitely want you to go to the election to reflect the voice of young people in politics." I did.The prefecture election commission holds on-site lectures to learn about the election system at high schools in various parts of the prefecture.

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