From March 2016th to 3th, 18, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture) will hold an original system development contest "KIT Hackason" through industry-academia collaboration under the theme of "Create an elementary school in the near future!" It was held at Municipal 20 Elementary School and Ogigaoka Campus of the same university.

 "Hackathon" is a coined word that combines "hacking" and "marathon", which means programming, and is a contest in which programmers in the software development field form a team and create a novel application in a short period of several days.The university was established by volunteers of faculty and staff whose research areas are ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and RT (Robot Technology), and is held with a view to developing into industry-academia collaboration projects and joint research.In recent years, many such events have been held mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but it is said that hackathons in which multiple companies participate at local universities are rare.

This time, which is the 4th time, more than 50 students, cooperating companies, teachers, etc. participated under the theme of "Create an elementary school in the near future!"Six companies, including Kozo Keikaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. and Sakura Internet Stock Association, participated as cooperating companies and provided products, services, support, and technical information.
Participants listened to keynote speeches and panel discussions from the principal of Shijima Elementary School, representatives of local volunteers, etc., and then worked on system development by sharing ideas based on the contents and announced at the final day of the judging committee.

The contest started in 2014, and in the past, "Create local city innovation and save the disappearing local cities!" ) Will change society like this! "

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