The "HATO / Teacher Attractiveness Project", which consists of Aichi University of Education and Hokkaido Kyoiku University, investigated the actual situation and attractiveness of teachers' work for teachers nationwide and announced the results.

 The "HATO / Teacher Attractiveness Project" is a project launched in 2014 by Hokkaido Kyoiku University, Aichi University of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University, and Osaka Kyoiku University with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.The survey randomly selected 540 elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools nationwide for the purpose of investigating the actual situation of teachers' work, the attractiveness and worries of teachers' work, and awareness of school education. We distributed and collected questionnaires for 6 teachers per school. (The survey period is from mid-August 2015 to mid-September 8)

 According to the survey, junior high school teachers have the longest working hours at school on weekdays, with an average of about 11 and a half hours.More than 8% of elementary school teachers and about 7% of junior high school and high school teachers work at home on weekdays.The average sleeping time on weekdays was in the 5 hour range for elementary, junior high, and high school teachers.Regarding the attractiveness and worries of teachers' work, 8 to 9% of teachers said, "I can be involved in the growth of my child," "I often learn from my colleagues' teachers," and "Through my work."
More than 8% of the respondents answered that their current job is fun, as they feel the growth of their children and themselves through their work, such as "I am growing."On the other hand, 6-9 teachers feel the burden of "work of division of school affairs" and the worries of time such as "not enough time to prepare for classes" and "there is no room for life due to work". About XNUMX% of the faculty members felt that they were not confident in their work.

 More than 8% of the respondents agree with "promotion of active learning" through educational reforms and initiatives. Regarding "reform of the board of education system", 2% of teachers answered "I don't understand the contents".Among them, the percentage of elementary school teachers who answered "I don't understand the content" was higher than that of junior high school and high school teachers.

Reference: [Benesse Institute for Education] Teacher Training Renaissance HATO Project Special Project Teacher Attractiveness Project

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