Nippon Sport Science University and the International Airline Training Academy (IATA), based in Napa County, California, USA, signed a basic contract on March 2016, 3 with the attendance of President Kenshiro Matsunami and others to open a pilot training course. ..

 This basic contract was signed for the purpose of solving the shortage of pilots and promoting regional revitalization by revitalizing regional airports.The pilot training course is intended for students aged 18 and over who attend universities, high schools, etc. operated by Nippon Sport Science University. Students aged 18 and over who attend Nittai Ebara High School and Kashiwa Nittai High School are also eligible to take this course, and this is the first attempt in Japan to open the door widely as an initiative of the entire school corporation.In Japan, there are only courses aimed at pilots at Civil Aviation College, as well as some private universities such as Tokai University and Hosei University, which have specialized departments, and it is extremely rare to have a department like Nippon Sport Science University. ..

 Pilot training courses will be held from 2016, and all classes will be conducted in English.Participants will be given an appropriate test to measure the required English proficiency of TOEIC 500, and will be required to have knowledge of mathematics at the level of high school graduation and psychology required for pilots, and interviews will be held.Students who meet the standards will study abroad in the United States for about a year and receive specialized education including aviation technology.The tuition fee is $ 1 (about 8 million yen) including tuition, dormitory, and insurance.Nippon Sport Science University has appointed one student to study abroad in April 5,000, and plans to study abroad at any time after autumn.

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