Soccer Avispa Fukuoka announced on March 2016, 3 that the economic effect of 15 due to promotion to the J1 league will reach 2016 million yen.This is the increase in the audience of each team promoted to the J123 league from 6500 to 2010 by the full-time lecturer Eto Mitsumasa, the representative of the Sports Management Study Group, Department of Life Management, Faculty of Policy Management, Shobi University (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture). Calculated based on rates and surveys on changes in tourists in Fukuoka Prefecture.The "direct economic effect amount" consumed for travel expenses, transportation expenses, tickets, etc. of supporters visiting from outside the prefecture is 2013 million yen, and the "economic spillover amount", which is an indirect effect on companies and restaurants that produce goods, etc. Was set at 1 million yen.

 The team welcomed Masami Ihara as the coach in the 2015 season, and the team's record improved with 4 undefeated races from Section 11.In addition, he was promoted to the J1 League by acquiring Wellington with a complete transfer during the summer transfer period.The number of spectators has also increased by about 2014 from 106,303 in 2015 to 182,450 in 7, and the business situation has improved.By holding games in the J6 League in the future, various effects such as media attention, changes in opponents, and increased TV exposure are expected.

 "The economic effect when Softbank Hawks became the best in Japan was 2015 billion, and the annual economic effect of Rakuten Eagles calculated by Miyagi Prefecture in January 10" announced by Fukuoka Prefecture in October 403 last year. Compared to the fact that was 2016 billion yen, it can be said that it is a big economic effect considering the condition that the number of games is small in the J1 league.In addition, Egashira's full-time lecturer commented, "This expected economic effect is more than nine times the project cost of the team, and it is a very efficient economic activity." I can expect an economic effect. I want you to do your best to win. "

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