The research group of Professor Ryoji Kanno of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr. Yuki Kato of Toyota Motor Corporation, and Special Associate Professor Masao Yonemura of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization has found that the lithium ion conductivity is twice as high as before. We have discovered the best super-ionic conductor and announced that we have succeeded in developing a solid-state ceramic battery that can output more than three times that of a general lithium-ion battery.

The all-solid-state ceramic battery uses a ceramic solid electrolyte to realize a structure (bipolar laminated structure) that is not possible with a general electrolyte system for lithium-ion batteries.Expected to have higher battery capacity, higher output, and higher stability, it is considered to be a next-generation power storage device.

同研究グループはイオン伝導率の高い2種類の超イオン伝導体(固体中をイオンが液体のように動き回る物質)を発見。1つは「Li9.54Si1.74P1.44S11.7Cl0.3」(リチウム・シリコン・リン・硫黄・塩素)で、室温(27 ˚C)で1cm当たり 25 ミリジーメンスという極めて高いイオン伝導率を示し、もう1つは「Li9.6P3S12」は電位窓(電解質が適正に動作する電位の範囲)が広く、リチウム金属負極の電解質として利用可能です。

The all-solid-state battery developed in this way has more than three times the output characteristics at room temperature compared to existing lithium-ion batteries, and has excellent charge / discharge characteristics even at low temperatures (-3 ° C) and high temperatures (30 ° C), with 100 cycles of charge / discharge. It also achieved reversibility and showed practical durability.It was confirmed that the battery can be fully charged in a few minutes due to the high input / output current, and is an excellent power storage device that has the advantages of both a storage battery and a capacitor.We also analyzed the crystal structure of superionic conductors and clarified that the realization of high lithium conductivity is due to the superionic conduction path in the three-dimensional skeletal structure.

Among the many candidates for innovative batteries, the research group has no next-generation batteries that exhibit excellent characteristics like this one, and is on the path to accelerating the progress of next-generation batteries to all-solid-state batteries in the future. Explains that it has opened.

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