Prefectural University of Hiroshima, a public university corporation, announced on October 2020, 10 that the establishment of Eikei University, which was applied to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on October 23, 2019, was approved.We will prepare for student recruitment, etc. for the opening of the school in April 10.

 Eikei University of Hiroshima, which opens in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, has established the Faculty of Social System Design and the Department of Social System Design.To develop human resources who have a bird's-eye view of society, collaborate with others, combine knowledge and skills that transcend the boundaries of literacy, solve problems, and create new value. I am aiming.

 The president is currently Mr. Mutsuhiro Yunobu, Executive Officer and Vice President of the University of Tokyo.As a feature, PBL (Project Based Learning) and Japan, where students form a team to solve problems that companies are actually facing, through pre-learning, group work, field surveys, etc. Class development in two English languages ​​can be mentioned. Intensive English programs will be implemented in the first half of the first year to thoroughly improve English proficiency to the level where students can take classes in English.In addition, at least one overseas experience such as internship, volunteering, and study abroad is essential.

 The capacity is 400 people, and the capacity for the first grade is 1 people.The breakdown is 100 comprehensive selections for spring enrollment, 50 school-recommended selections, 20 general selections, and 10 international students for autumn enrollment, with only 20% of general selections.The selection of new students for spring admission is a multifaceted and comprehensive evaluation of communication, inquiry, and attitude toward learning and extracurricular activities, in addition to the knowledge and skills acquired in the curriculum of high schools.

 In the 2021 enrollment selection, the "Common Test for University Admissions" will not be used in all selection categories.You will be asked to submit an English qualification / certification test score or a certificate of English proficiency from a high school.

 The application period for the comprehensive type and school recommended type is from November 2020th to 11th, 4.Document screening will be conducted for the first selection, and interviews and group discussions will be conducted for the second selection.The general application period is from January 20th to February 2021st, 1.The first selection will be a document screening, and the second selection will be an interview and an individual academic ability test.

 In addition, Eikei University will soon conclude an agreement with Ashinaga Ikueikai, which promotes the "Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI: 100-year plan to support higher education for orphans in Africa)", which is a leader development initiative for the development of Africa.As a destination for the "Experience / Practice Program" curriculum that cultivates practical skills, Eikei University students are accepted at domestic and overseas bases of the Asinaga Ikueikai (overseas: USA, UK, France, Brazil, Uganda, Senegal), and internships are held. Provide opportunities to engage in volunteer activities.Ashinaga Ikueikai actively promotes Eikei University to students selected by the AAI program and recommends students who wish to study abroad at the university.This is Japan's first attempt at a national and public university.

Reference: [Eikei University] Approved for the establishment of Eikei University

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