A research group led by Assistant Professor Towao Higashi, Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University, and Associate Professor Shinsuke Ifuku, has applied the ultrafine fiber "Kitin Nanofiber (Kitin NF)" made from crab and shrimp shells to suppress the progression of atopic dermatitis. Announced that it is effective.

 In Tottori prefecture, where the landing of crabs is one of the highest in Japan, the effective use of crab shells when eating crabs has become an issue.A research group at Tottori University has developed and applied "chitin NF," which is a nanofiber extracted from "chitin," which is the main component of crab shells that have been waste, and the progression of atopic dermatitis symptoms. It was confirmed that chitin was suppressed and the progression of skin inflammation was also suppressed.

 In the study, when "chitin NF" was applied to atopic dermatitis model animals, the action of the transcription factor "NF-κB *", which plays a central role in immune responses such as inflammation, was suppressed, and "immunoglobulin E (immunoglobulin E)" in the blood was suppressed. IgE) * ”It was found that the concentration was reduced.On the other hand, the conventional "chitin" does not have these effects, and it is thought that it is possible to maintain the barrier function of the skin by using nanofibers (ultrafine fibers) with a width of about 10 nanometers. Has been done.

 In the future, the research group will conduct research for the actual use of "chitin NF" and aim to apply it to the prevention and treatment of atopic dermatitis.The results of this research are published in the online scientific journal "Carbohydrate Polymers".

* NF-κB is activated by stimuli such as stress and ultraviolet rays, and its relationship with inflammation such as atopic dermatitis and cancer has been clarified.
* Immunoglobulin E increases in concentration in the blood of patients with allergic diseases and promotes the rapid release of itchy substances.

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