Lecturer Takushi Ebinuma of Chubu University on the demonstration theme to be installed in the "Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Unit 29" planned to be launched by the Epsilon rocket by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 1. "In-orbit demonstration of ultra-compact and power-saving GNSS receiver" by (Department of Electronic and Information Engineering) was adopted.

 JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) plans to launch "Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Unit 2017" with the Epsilon rocket in FY1.This satellite aims to demonstrate future key components and new elemental technologies in orbit, and out of the 32 themes submitted as demonstration themes, it has the potential to contribute to the creation of innovation and the revitalization of the space industry. Has adopted 12 themes.

 The "stamp-sized GNSS receiver for space", which is the demonstration theme by Professor Takushi Ebinuma of Chubu University, which was adopted this time, has the features of small size, low cost, and low power consumption compared to conventional products, and is ultra-compact. It is expected that innovations such as automating satellite operations can be expected.

 Students from the challenge site "Aim for Space with an Ultra-Small Artificial Satellite from Chubu University!" Promoted by Chubu University also participated in this project through receiver experiments, etc., and what the students were involved in actually went to space. It will be launched.It will be a very valuable opportunity for students to learn system engineering through practice.

Reference: About the selection result of "Innovative satellite technology demonstration No. 1 theme open call for participants" (JAXA)

Reference: Challenge Site 2015 Adopted Project (Chubu University)

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