The University of Fukuchiyama (formerly Narumi University) in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, and the Yamaguchi Tokyo Science University in Sanyo Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture have been publicized and opened.Both of them continued to be in a difficult business condition, such as when the number of students was constantly reduced during private university days, but the popularity of the city has risen due to the publicization, and Fukuchiyama City and Sanyo Onoda City are relieved.

 The University of Fukuchiyama is one faculty of the Faculty of Regional Management, and has two departments, the Department of Regional Management and the Department of Medical Welfare Management.The city's public school corporation received land and building donations from the school corporation "Narumi Gakuen," which operated Narumi University, and restarted as the only public fourth-year university in Northern Kansai.

 The 2016 entrance exam was flooded with 50 examinees out of a capacity of 1,638, showing its popularity. About 3 new students attended the opening and entrance ceremonies on the 60rd.With the encouragement from President Kazuki Iguchi, "I want you to take root in the community and become a future leader in the community," I renewed my determination as a first-year public student.The Fukuchiyama City University Policy Division hopes that "universities are necessary for regional development. In the future, we would like to increase the capacity and revitalize the region by establishing graduates in the local area."

 Yamaguchi Tokyo Science University is a college of engineering.There are three departments: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and applied chemistry.The city's public university corporation received donations of land and buildings from Tokyo University of Science and relaunched as a public university.With a capacity of 3 people and more than 200 applicants, it is very popular. The establishment ceremony and entrance ceremony are scheduled for the 4,000th.The Sanyo Onoda City Growth Strategy Office had a dream of "We plan to establish the first pharmacy department in the prefecture after the school opens. We want you to contribute to regional revitalization as a community-based university."

Fukuchiyama Public University

Contribute to the community with the problem-solving skills acquired through learning in the community

Similar to the issues faced by each region of Japan, the decline of the region due to the outflow of young population to urban areas is a structural issue in Fukuchiyama City, where the university is located.To solve this problem, the university was opened for the purpose of building a human resources circulation system in which young people from all over the country learn in Fukuchiyama City.Learning with the community "Community collaboration type […]

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