Research teams at the University of Tsukuba and Kobe University have summarized the research results that returning to home may extend the lifespan while many terminal cancer patients think that "the lifespan may be shortened at home". rice field.The research results have been published in the electronic version of the journal "Cancer" of the American Cancer Society.

 According to the University of Tsukuba, the survey was conducted by a group of Professor Atsushi Hamano of the University of Tsukuba Medical School and Assistant Professor Takashi Yamaguchi of the Kobe University Hospital.From September 2012 to April 9, Hamano et al. Conducted a difference in survival time among 2014 terminal cancer patients who were hospitalized in 4 palliative care units in Japan or received home palliative care. I looked it up.

 As a result, those who had a short time to death survived longer at home, whereas those who had a long time to death did not make a big difference.It was also found that when the end was reached at home, there were few medical practices such as intravenous drip and antibiotic administration.

 However, this study does not record all medical practices and does not rule out the possibility of differences in the condition of patients receiving home care and those entering the palliative care unit, so home care is available. It is not something that can be declared to live long.However, for end-stage cancer patients who are discharged from the hospital and reach the end of their lives at home, explain to clinicians and their families who are worried about shortening their survival time, "It is unlikely that the survival time will be shortened depending on where the end of life is reached." Seems to be possible.

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