Atsushi Suzuki, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University, found in an experiment using a psychological game that imitated the investment of money that elderly people tend to judge people by their appearance no matter how many times they are betrayed. I did.The research results were published in the electronic version of the Journal of Gerontology, the journal of the American Academy of Gerontology.

 According to Nagoya University, the survey targeted 65 elderly people aged 79 to 36 and 19 young people aged 30 to 36.We asked them to work on a fictitious investment called an investment game, and asked each of the 16 facial photographs that appeared on the computer screen to decide whether or not to invest their money based on their appearance. Of the 1 people, half are good people who will always double the money they invest, and the rest are bad people who embezzle the money they deposit.

 Next, we conducted a memory test on investment games, and asked them to answer whether they were good or bad or did not appear in the game for a total of 16 people, 8 people and 24 people who did not appear in the investment game. ..Analyzing the results of the answers, elderly people tended to judge whether they were good or bad by their facial appearance, and even if they were betrayed by investment games, they prioritized the judgment by appearance.In contrast, young people did not see this tendency.

 Professor Atsushi Suzuki believes that the older people are, the easier it is to judge people by their appearance, which is one of the factors that increase the damage caused by fraud in the real world.

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