Toyo University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will be dispatched to Sannohe Town, Aomori Prefecture from May 2016 by Mr. Hiroshi Saiko, who has completed the Graduate School of Economics, Department of Public-Private Partnership, under the "Regional Creation Human Resources Support System". Announced that it was decided.

 The "Regional Revitalization Human Resources Support System" is a system that started in April 2015 to put into practice "Regional Revitalization," which is an important policy of the Shinzo Abe administration.Instead of being seconded to a local area where the aspect of making pipes to acquire goods and money from the country so far was strong, we dispatched national government employees, university researchers, private human resources, etc. who have the necessary knowledge and experience to local governments for two years.The dispatcher will assist the mayor of the municipality in formulating a "regional comprehensive strategy" (infrastructure, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, child-rearing, tourism and public relations, etc.) to dig up the vitality of the region.

 Mr. Nagiko, who was announced as a dispatcher in 2016, completed the major in March 2015.Having long experience as a former government-affiliated institution employee and a local government executive employee, he continues to research public facility management and public accounting as a research partner of the university's PPP Research Center (* 3) even after completing the city management course of the department. I did.

 After the dispatch, he will be appointed as a counselor regional revitalization promotion supervisor (full-time) who will be in charge of planning and comprehensive coordination regarding the promotion of the comprehensive strategy that Sannohe Town will work on. The target of dispatching human resources support in 2016 is 58 municipalities (39 cities, 17 towns, 2 villages), but most of them are dispatched by national government employees of central ministries and agencies, and only one full-time dispatcher from the university is dispatched. I did.
In this department, we will continue to develop human resources who can play an active role in the field of "regional revitalization".

* 1 It was established in 2006 for the first time in Japan at the Graduate School of Economics as a specialized course for public-private partnership (PPP) that solves problems in the region through public-private-citizen collaboration.

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