Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School of Engineering, Daiwa Computer Co., Ltd., and Denso Co., Ltd. announced on April 2016, 4, under the theme of "Research on improving crop quality and productivity through actual measurement of cultivation environment in plant factories and integrated environmental control". Announced that it will conclude a joint research agreement.

 In 2014, Osaka Prefecture University opened a completely closed artificial light type plant factory "Green Clocks New Generation (GCN) Plant Factory" on the Nakamozu Campus in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. At the GCN plant factory, we are promoting the practical application of a full-scale mass-produced plant factory by minimizing power consumption by fully adopting LED as a light source and efficient cultivation utilizing the characteristics of "clock gene" that controls the body clock. doing.

 In the research, various factors (temperature, humidity, airflow, carbon dioxide, light, nutrient solution components, etc.) in the growth of plants are controlled in the seedling raising / cultivation room in the GCN plant factory, and these factors are the growth rate of the crop. Analyzes various effects on taste, function, quality, etc.From these results, we will search for the optimum environment, improve the equipment and systems of the plant factory, build an integrated environmental control system that applies measurement data, and aim to improve the stable quality and productivity of crops.

 Denso Corporation will be responsible for installing sensor equipment used in research, and Osaka Prefecture University and Yamato Computer Co., Ltd. will be responsible for measuring various data and constructing comprehensive environmental control.

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