Osaka University and Nippon Electric Co., Ltd. (NEC) opened the "NEC Brain Inspired Computing Collaborative Research Institute" on April 2016, 4 on the Suita Campus of Osaka University, and new computing based on brain science research. Started joint research on (brain computing) technology.

 Currently, the labor shortage is becoming more serious due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the amount of data is explosively increasing due to the expansion of the IoT (Internet of Things). It is said that the idea of ​​"new computing that is friendly to people and the earth" with excellent flexibility and adaptability is required.

 At the newly established collaborative research institute, research on "brain-type computing" is being conducted as a new information processing technology to learn from the characteristics of the brain, such as the excellent environmental adaptability, cognitive ability, judgment, and highly efficient power consumption of the brain. Start. NEC and Osaka University will collaborate to realize a new brain-type computing system by fusing the cutting-edge knowledge of information science and brain science.

 Furthermore, through further strengthening of cooperation with the "National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Brain Information and Communication Fusion Research Center *" and the world-class "National Research and Development Corporation RIKEN Life Systems Research Center" in dynamic simulation at the molecular level. , It is said that it will build a "brain information science utilization type" industrial innovation base that creates a new information and communication industry.

* The Center for Information and Neural Networks was established in collaboration with Osaka University and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

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