Shinshu University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have succeeded in developing a chicken that has lost the gene for allergens contained in egg white by utilizing genome editing technology by genetic engineering.Expectations are likely to be gathered for the development of hypoallergenic foods and the application to influenza vaccines made from eggs.

 According to Shinshu University, the research team has applied genome editing technology, which is being researched on various animals and plants, to chickens as a next-generation breeding method, and has a high probability of 90% or more the germ cells that are the source of sperms and eggs. Succeeded in causing a mutation in.

 After the males that had been transplanted with these cells and hatched, the genes for allergens stopped working.Mating these males with wild females and then mating their offspring gave birth to chickens in the grandchildren's generation that were completely free of allergen genes.It is said that chickens with modified genes do not show any abnormalities in terms of health.

 Allergens contained in chicken egg white are characterized by being resistant to enzyme treatment and overheating, and research institutes around the world are developing removal technologies.The research results were published in the electronic version of the English scientific journal "Scientific Reports".

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