The Faculty of Regional Revitalization was established one after another at national universities nationwide such as Ehime University and Miyazaki University.With the aim of making the new faculty a base for regional revitalization suffering from population decline and the stagnation of the local economy, students will learn about branding of special products and promotion measures for local industries, and aim to play a leading role in the region.

 Ehime University newly established the Faculty of Social Co-creation.Department of Industrial Management to develop human resources to solve problems of local industry and create new industry, Department of Industrial Innovation to develop human resources to contribute to the development of local industry, Department of Regional Resource Management to develop ability to utilize regional resources and culture, people There are 4 departments of environmental design department to build a sustainable society where and nature coexist.The entrance ceremony was held at the Himegin Hall in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture on the 6th, and 191 new students from the Faculty of Social Co-creation attended. ..

 In addition, Miyazaki University has started the Faculty of Regional Resource Creation, Utsunomiya University has started the Faculty of Regional Design Science, Fukui University has started the Faculty of International Regional Science, and Saga University has started the Faculty of Arts and Regional Design.Shizuoka University has established a community creation circle as a cross-faculty education program.

 At Kochi University, which established the Faculty of Regional Collaboration from 2015, the first students travel to farming, mountain and fishing villages throughout the prefecture to explore issues and deepen their understanding of the region.It has the effect of encouraging people in the aging area, and it is expected that the activities of the students will be vital to the area even in the area where the new faculty has started.

Kochi University

From Kochi to the world with rich sensibility and five high abilities

As the only national university in Kochi Prefecture, it features interdisciplinary education on the region, ocean, disaster prevention, and medical care, teaches globally accepted knowledge and ideas, and contributes to the development of the region through practical activities in the region. We carry out education through "community collaboration" with the aim of developing human resources who can.Bringing the results obtained in the region to the world […]

Miyazaki University

Cultivate abundant human and practical skills with a view to the world and contribute to medical care in the community

Under the slogan "Let's start from the region with a view to the world," Miyazaki University inherits and develops intellectual heritage related to science and culture as a crystal of human wisdom, explores deep science, and preserves the global environment. Aiming to create interdisciplinary life sciences, we have posted as an educational philosophy the development of human resources who can meet the diverse demands of a changing society […].

愛媛 大学

Creating a student-centered university, a university that shines with the community, and a university that connects with the world

Shikoku's largest comprehensive university consisting of seven faculties: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Co-creation, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Agriculture.We are promoting the creation of a unique university by taking advantage of our strengths such as the ability development of faculty and staff centered on the Academic Activities and Education Planning Office centered on the Advanced Research Center.Ability to learn, think and practice by oneself and next […]

Fukui University

Fostering excellent human resources who can play an active role as highly specialized professionals in the global society of the 21st century

The University of Fukui has a philosophy of "opening up the future of people and society through qualification", and as a center of science and culture, under high ethical standards, it is a world-class science and technology for people to live in good health. Promote education and research and develop human resources who can contribute to the region, country and international society.In the fields of education, medicine, and engineering, the ground […]

Utsunomiya University

Utsunomiya Spirit = "XNUMXC Spirit" to open up the future

Utsunomiya University has the meaning of "Challenge" = proactively taking on challenges, "Change" = changing itself in response to changes in the times, and "Contribution" = contributing to society widely in order to open up a bright future. We value the words, Utsunomiya Spirit = "XNUMXC Spirit".Current[…]

Saga University

Aspirations, challenges, and the future.Foster attractive human resources who can play an active role in a diversifying future

Saga University is a national university that was established in 1949 with the former Saga University established in 1976 and the Saga Medical University established in 2004 as the parent body. It has 6 faculties and 6 graduate schools, and about 5,800 undergraduate students are enrolled.Along with acquiring knowledge in specialized fields, a wide range of education, cooperation with others, and independent learning […]

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