The Union of University Library Consortiums has signed a subscription agreement with international information analysis company Elsevier to promote open access.Elsevier is said to be the first to agree on this type of contract in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan.

 According to Elsevier, the deal will start in January 2021 and members of the University Library Consortium will be able to choose between traditional subscriptions and subscriptions that promote open access.
If members choose a subscription that promotes open access, Elsevier will reduce the financial burden on the author when publishing open access and will provide continued access to the dissertation platform provided by Elsevier.

 The Association of National University Libraries was established in 2011 in collaboration with the Japan Association of National University Libraries and the Public and Private University Library Consortiums.We are promoting activities to stably and continuously provide academic information such as electronic journals that are essential for education and research activities at universities, such as shared use of electronic resource management systems and expansion of electronic journal back files.

 Seiji Hosokawa, Chairman of the University Library Consortium, said, "We received a proposal from Elsevier in line with the consortium's open access goals. We would like to take this agreement as a step toward Japan's open access leap forward." ..

reference:[University Library Consortium Union] JUSTICE and Elsevier agree on proposals to support OA goals

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